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lets build a new world, save the planet, I’ve not got a plan yet but lets try our best.

these diagonal blocks are so sick, I’ve wanted them forever.

some mega cheats installed here, just because they let me be free’er,
I’ve got the feed on the side, so i can watch it as it glides by, no survival, only creative

Well I’m here to play, I’ve already been payed, i work for the illuminati, lifes constant party, so when you start to flee, remember the, responsibility, to always be, on par, constantly.

there is no other you, this is true, but before i am through i need the world to know there is no other me, no other from the one you can hear and see, just let me be what ever i was sent to be & thank whoever is above for everything that will ever be.

Put my best in everyday, till the effort fades away & the only thing ill say is truth, pure filth won’t be filtered, nothing erased from the verbal flow of words, nothing saved from the messages from girls, all of them, people pretending to be your friends when all they want really is to be loved, clearly, you gotta hide it though because its not cool to be needy, or nerdy, or weeny, all i sip is coca cola, pretending I’m a baller, when in fact my ego only gets smaller, because i know i can be more though, but i think what for though? just so i can watch the rest go slow mo? is it all for show though?

technology gets old fast and everything has filters to get past, so thanks for listening it means a lot, ill never be near the top & that doesn’t matter, all i want is to get better and faster, i want to be a master, i want to learn more, learn to be more, & to do more, i want my time to never be wasted, i don’t want to consume the content ive created, i know it kills me, but ill never be free, from the demons within me, from the eyes that i want to see me, its a problem, i don’t want them.
so as i sit in front of this screen and wish for reality to be as good as the computer makes it seam, the light shines in a beam, data from the satellites in space, it travels in waves, thats my favourite, actual fact, data proven to be correct, i don’t make bets.

consuming information like its a race, against the end, of the day, its the only way, thats all I’m gonna say.
thats how we build our own taste, we are a collaboration of everything we have ever consumed.
normality is doomed.
i always presumed that uniqueness prevailed.
that familiarity loomed before quantum boomed, like the diffuse of perfume as it spreads around the room.

I’m your typical mythical biblical cyber criminal fighting miracles, i could prove the worlds not spherical, whilst I’m eating my cereal, i don’t mean to sound cynical but i believe people are motivated by self-interest, everybody just wants to be the best, well forget the rest, its not a test, oh the page refreshed, how long have i been here? quite a while, another message, thank you, big up up my hit count, 7, 6, buy from me ill give you a discount, wait a sec lemme let this disk mount, copy pasting 200 gigabytes faster than i can click now.
thats what we consume for, so we can create more.
but I’m here pretending I’ve got fresh flow.
then my phone just beeps more, check it and its another snapchat, like I’m ever gonna snap back, I’m just sad that I’ve gotta back track and figure where i was before the message arrived, I’ve got a girl friend and another on the side, I’m aiming to get 5, thanks for tuning in live, thanks for continuing to survive, in this world where we reside, please be polite and provide somewhere for me to confide whilst i hide from the deprived outside with my supplies, its gonna be a surprise when i describe the look in my eyes, kinda dazed, far away, i definatly don’t want to stay, i hate this world anyway.

my sense from my third eye is just a lie, one to get by & seem enlightened, whilst the others just look on frightened.
because thats what i want, deeply, is to be a king yeah, so I’ve got to remember to endeavour, I’m part of a bigger picture, to help the individual you need to help the whole.
then sometimes i just think do i have no soul.
its funny to think like that, to never back track, be the leader of the pack. the minority, sack off the majority

so its easier to just get back to the bad life, indulge in drug taking and ignore all your problems, read the question columns, agony ant might help you out if you are ever in doubt just call me on Skype, ill answer if, jesus christ what am i saying now, its all gibberish somehow, the effects.

i actually feel bad about being mean, so i never am, I’m a video game vegetarian, i won’t kill Ai

and Ai won’t kill me, don’t listen to the news.

if i could i would kill you all, i would, i want to be the king of it all so i would love to watch you fall.
i wanna be huge so you just have to be really small.
i wanna be more than just writing on a wall.
i wanna be more than just code.

thats the contrast, I’m good at reflecting evil, theyl be demons in the sequel.

actually, i don’t wanna be a king,
i wanna be the creator,
the original.

lazy daisy caused by the hazy maze, i thought it would just be a faze, it’ll pass in a couple of days my mum says.

but these opportunities shouldn’t be wasted, every moment truly is sacred, those with influence should pass on morals, those with none have none because they pass on whats wrong.

I’m not gonna start breaking out in song (again)
I’m not gonna start acting like a mong again, i used to take a lot of drugs, I’m not saying like i want you to think I’m a thug, its not like that, it makes me feel like a mug,
i used to think they enhanced me
but really they just killed me, my creativity & everything that made me - me,

in the digital age we are all naked, privacy has faded,
its nothing to be ashamed of, a unity of freedom, an embracement of sharing is important to the future of humanity, everything we have ever learnt should be passed on, or it would be forgotten.

to be replaced by lies.

expert in sound, expert in vision.
only once or twice have i ever gone fishing, once with my friend stuart, another with my friend phillip.
Stuart Lowe.
Philip Smith.

i can include comedy every now and then.

so whilst the world falls apart ill sit and create art, ill get super proper mega smart, to finish what i was here to start, ill build an ark & before we depart ill check I’ve got 2 of each of you on a tally chart.

we are about a third of the way in at this point,
death is amongst us
never forget
death is amongst us

be happy though

lets not be so glum, lets be more fantastic four yo!

do you really think you’re gangster? you’re a bit of a ballet dancer, the worst you’ve ever done is download from napster,
that would of been cooler if it wasn’t so out of date
i guess being the best was just fate
sorry if you caught on late
sorry for being fake

ill die before i ever hurt anyone again.

trying to be cool again.
i would love wealth
of personality and attitude
wealth in friends
money means absolutely nothing to me
knowledge over cash
coz lifes too fast to be making money last
don’t be living in the past, imagine it like a mast, on a boat, just let go, float, where you are now, don’t stay. go away.

& when you hear the music play, from minimal beats to massive pop hits, feel the tempo, reverb, bass.
watch as the world vibrates.

feel the infinite & be the eternal, can you remember not existing?
do you know whats internal? can you visualise your insides as an interface within your mind? i imagine it like a computer screen, except transcending dimensions, with storage sections for memories, instincts built in, understanding my surroundings by how i see them within.

& what does raw instinct tell me?
it tells me we are temporary, that whilst we are here we need to work together to become better, we need to utilise the environment to its maximum potential, not bleed or overdo it because that glass ceiling can’t be broken or sustainability will not be maintained, we need to provide for every single person or our mission is failed, we need to show respect to each and every living thing as if they are a part of us, the fuss of the day to day & the constant earning for fortune and fame are whats to blame for suffering.
the worst thing that i experienced is maybe a bit of buffering
i can’t imagine what its like to wake up and worry about where my breakfasts coming from.

SO you can rave on all day about peace and love, but you need to actually get up and do something to make a real difference, you can’t just sit there, the first person to help should be yourself, so then the people close to you don’t have to do it for you

expert in sound, expert in vision.
did i mention that already? this is a bit of a mission…
I’m sure i did, who am i kidding?

love can never fall asleep
its here to be a terror and a creep
its here to make you act like a freak
this word goes deep

visit utopia
explore euphoria

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