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Long time since I updated the blog, sorry, I have just not had much to post, Im quite sure im schizophrenic, im really evil pure evil sometimes these people destroyed my soul and for trauma to go its seeking always of revenge and then that combined with ease of destruction just makes everything rubbish everything hard to handle any friend an instant foe due to blaiming of them for actions and absence of luck as well as bad luck the way a person appears ugly is our gut instinct and a bully can bully someone so much into being another bully but as self defence doesnt work and ww3 began as soon as ww2 ended and now what do they have to justify the way I was treat? how can they expect to defeat me but how can i find bravery to fight accuretly when all this sin stems from him so silently i wait and prepare for pure war my enemies are all going to fall its the only promise i make my art my lust for art or cares or love is all gone they stamped all over it like rabid apes & Im not happy Im never SORRY even if i say it, its just a way to escape your torment, you are a bully maybe you reading you probably think you got away with it, but my days are numbered and my plan unfinished so watch out if you wanna play me for real if you wanna troll so be it but if you want to ever suppress my speech or react to language with violence you will be dealt a just desert once a day for the rest of your life in shakles as a slave you mess with me in anyway i destroy you

My name is Paul, this is my blog!
I run a company called OYMYO & founded a brand called Babycakes, I make music under XXCX & video content under AIYU,

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I like green tints on photographs, VIDEOGAMES  all nighters, (!!!!!), --,, XXCX, lego, VV, CC, ZZ popart, provocative / covert / subliminal / global & guerilla advertising,, arcade machines, laughing, OYMYO, trance in bed, 8bit, typography, CAPITAL LETTERS, satire, fashion, !!, BIG parties, DNTEL XXYYXX, good movies at night, GRIFFITHZ.COM, shooooes, lost / ALICE GLASS / GRIMES / LORDE / YOLANDI / summer heights high / madmen, the penthouse, lula girl of my dreams, flight mode, THE FUTURE, living fast / never dying


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