JAN 2017

kym at the astronomy centre!

Ive spent January just chilling, im not sure what to do, i like making new years resolutions, its the easiest time of year to stick to something new! my promises are to amend my mistakes of the past, live up to what i should, try my best everyday, not be selfish, not be vain, not lose profit & to only gain. i want control over my vices, all my resolutions are obvious, no body wants to be on a path that's disastrous, i just wanna sit back and relax, not worry about the future, makes sure my family is happy & safe, my friends the same, my enemies non existent, they shouldn't be any fuel to create hatred. stand up for what is right no matter what though, no matter who you alienate or lose along the way, it would be their fault anyway. i want to meet amazing new people, & keep in touch with all the ones i know so far. i just wanna say thank you to everyone, make sure they know that we love them, i was thinking the other day, imagine if you were soo fat you just ate everyone, then the whole universe is just one big fat you on your own, i bet thats what happened before the big bang, then everything exploded, because the universe has its ways of correcting itself, or something, god knows.


My name is Paul, this is my blog!
I run a company called OYMYO & founded a brand called Babycakes, I make music under XXCX & video content under AIYU,

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I like hand drawn maps of imaginary places, electronic voices, green tints on photographs, VIDEOGAMES  all nighters, (!!!!!), --,, XXCX, lego, VV, CC, ZZ popart, provocative / covert / subliminal / global & guerilla advertising,, arcade machines, laughing, OYMYO, trance in bed, 8bit, typography, CAPITAL LETTERS, satire, fashion, !!, BIG parties, DNTEL XXYYXX, good movies at night, GRIFFITHZ.COM, shooooes, lost / ALICE GLASS / GRIMES / LORDE / YOLANDI / summer heights high / madmen, the penthouse, lula girl of my dreams, flight mode, THE FUTURE, living fast / never dying


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