as a job I design clothes. These last few months I have mostly been working on sportswear for clubs and a few uni team kits, its been really different to what ive done before, producing art under strict guidelines for clients (such as FIFA, Bradford Uni, Northampton Uni, Essex County Cricket Club,) taking instructions about crest, sponsor & logo placements, then actually getting the artwork approved for print, printing the stuff on this paper that then is pressed onto fabric & cut & sawn (dye sub).
FASHION IS fauuuuuuuuuux tho
so, alas, back to my own fresh flow, thank god

im really wondering what i WANT to work on next, im not sure, my friends saying head to the hills and set up camp, seems crazy, every morning i wake up feeling like a pharaoh, with so much in arms reach. so much stuff created from love, even though profit is essential, the things that survive are only good.

so fashion, as much as i hate it, ill work on, maybe, i dunno, material things make me very happy, money is filling the empty space in my life & i honestly couldnt care less about the opinions of anyone because my mind is pure and blessed, no rules or laws can tie me down because i live in no debt to anyone, i am well and truly the DON !


My name is Paul, this is my blog!
I run a company called OYMYO & founded a brand called Babycakes, I make music under XXCX & video content under AIYU,

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