I have the best song stuck in my head and i have no idea what it is, it was getting chanted, i cant remember the lyrics tho & i have no idea where to start looking for it ]';

Lancashire countryside - Before Beatherder

I just got back from Beatherder last night, it was crazy, its in a few fields so everyone brings tents and camps out whilst artists perform on stages spread throughout the wilderness, the day time is mental coz there's just so many people & so much MUD, everyone is just filthy, falling over, looking for their friends but u cant make eye contact with anybody because you're concentrating so much on staying stood up, so your not gonna find anyone unless u stock up on powerbanks and they do too, no one has battery, peeps are just sunburnt and dieing all over, i didnt get to see a single artist play for longer than 30 seconds due to having to move or become one with the mud and never move again...

at night though it was good, as everything got quieter & the tunes more euphoric, i just chilled in my tent & fell asleep listening to some of the best music in the world & ive never slept so good!


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