when all sound is missing just sit back and listen, hear thoughts, pay attention & explore imagination.
silence is golden, only think about your breathing, control the space between each one.

ill test my reactions to external stimuli to see if i can simulate the persona i strive to be. i want to be my heros, my idols & people who inspire me. those that dont stutter, dont censor their flow, everything they believe is out on show.

im an ultra-ist, building power, saving time, more than just getting money on my mind, i make sure everyones equal.

always on it, never lazy, never oversleeping. starting out grafting still aiming for immortality. and if theres an afterlife do we really need to consider kharma to decide which level we will eventually reside? we live the consequences of every second in real time, cant go back, cant change the past, only forward. INTO THE FUTURE YOU CREATE

i want to be an influence, i want to inspire

when im awake i want to learn more, when im asleep i want to be rewarded with rest, and i get that, i get cinematic experiences presented to me in dreams, things i dont plan or expect, played out in front of me, i dont know at the time if they are real or fake, all i know is that im a part of them, but im not everything within them, somethings are not controlled by me. they act on their own, independently. but i guess thats impossible really, its just my mind trying to understand the things ive seen, im just not smart enough yet to understand the complexity. i guess.

Sour fangs
Balti & Bombay mix
Spicy coated peanuts
Digestive biscuits
Salt and vinegar crisps
Bacon flavoured crisps
Cherry tango
Wet wipes
Dry shampoo
Mint sauce

this is the ever expanding essentials list

theres no point in staying still, you gotta always be in motion, movement of mind aswell as movement of body.

spotted this guy chillin


he noticed me taking a pic but we cu

some stuff i made this month: -

the ones above are some of the first renders ive made using poser

this is the net from the wallet i made a few posts back, i make them from tyvek but you can make one from paper and laminate or wrap it in sellotape :D
this a2 net would make 2 wallets

I start in the same way every day…
i try to make a contribution to my master race / help the stuff im built from
become the supreme being in outta space / unite all the kingdom

the tones in the next two are my favourite / at the moment

im learning alot more 3d stuff

I've got to at least do something otherwise I'd be a waste, if I put in more effort my rewards would have a better taste, I want to be the maker of my own fate, never be late, if this is hell then I never wanna escape. That's how it is right now, everything is perfect somehow, I need only a few things to get by, I don't wanna watch time fly. Every moment is usable, so I wanna be making sure I'm doing something useful. I can only spend so long creating something before I need to create something else.

I'm not stealing coz I might get caught, I'm not - not stealing because of remorse, I used to be a lot worse than I am now, now I try to be as good as I can, I want to help everybody somehow, my life isn't separate from everybody else's, if there life is bad, so is mine.

I try to act like I'm always being observed, always judged.

My name is Paul, this is my blog!
I run a company called OYMYO & founded a brand called Babycakes, I make music under XXCX & video content under AIYU,

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