All Seeing
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Its November now, I like this time of the year, nights are longer & everything feels cosy when you're chilling, designing, gaming, all my screens always have the brightness turned down, I like the darkness, it just feels more energy efficient & i reckon my eyes will work longer in dim light, i turn it up to check stuff out once ive finished it though, its the same when im making music, i write it all at 50% volume, then proper full blast it on the first full listen upon completion :D

Loving how the shirts are coming out lately

I joined an astronomy society, the first time I went there was about 20 people there, it felt like what NASA is like in Intersteller, proper on a budget, its really cool, theres people there who specialise in space photography, i wanna get into that, some of the documentation about the solar system was really inspiring to look at, i like that style of work, sort of factual art... i think im gonna focus on something like that soon

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My life lately has been all about trying to be a better person, i mean, i was never really that bad but ive been trying my best to be good, i think i have an ego problem, a vanity problem, all my projects seem to be about promoting myself, i want to make sure that if that is the case, ill project the best possible image, i feel shame when i remember all the times i glorified bad actions, drugs, violence, elitism, so moving forward i try to better all that, all the way down to how I approach business, i want to be able to invest back into the world around me, i like being able to choose where i spend my profit, when a dude buys a product ive made it brings me pure happiness, not just because of the money, its more than that, i feel as though my effort is just somehow worth it, i want to be able to know how they made the choice to purchase something from me, so I invest in analytics to see what the chain of events were leading up to the sale, some products i dont make any profit on, they just break even, it seems like a crazy thing to do in business but just getting that product out there is enough for me.

I just dont ever want to lose focus, I want power because i believe i know how to be fair, i never want to fall backwards, i want to constantly excel.

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Been drawing comics

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