The Wilderness

This is a piece called EXIT

Im not a massive fan of landscape photography, its lonely



I found this though, its well hidden away near my house, i had to pass a few people claiming the land was private to get to it, i was all like u cant have a cliff m8

i live in a town called Colne in the north west of england, its quite densely populated for its size, whats cool though is if you travel for about 30 mins out of the town into the hills you end up in the middle of nowhere just wondering why you went there so you turn back

whenever i see somewhere protected i wanna clime over it and find out whats happening :D

this is dinorobot, he rulezzzz

new gaming mouse for my design workflow

when im bored i write music

designed this geometric alien gangster, i started out creating it in 3d & switched over to an isometric view then finished it off flat

much love


My name is Paul, this is my blog!
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