Im also into the black background!

king of the WORLDDDDD, i need to fill in this space with text so that the side area doesnt have a scroll bar which is a blag, this is my first new post on this blog though so soon it will be lost, it was kinda depressing having to back date all the old posts and seeing all these photos of friends that i never see anymore.
I also lost loads of posts from itspaulgriffiths because the webdesigner i hired was rubbish, so thats annoying, lets just pretend 2012 & 13 never happened, not much happened anyway.
im listening to FKA Twigs & its cold.
i bought a gun the other day, i dunno why

whilst finding all the posts for this blog i had to go through tons of old computers, its pretty mental looking at old harddrives and stuff, the oldest stuff i could find was published in 2007 ]';

i probably wouldnt of even found the drive to do it if my friend philip wasnt on the oldest post i could find
we went skating a few weeks ago, its good to see that even though we got older we didnt really grow up

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