8-bit music is a big part of my life, i love the sounds of electronics, i hear it all day, via notifications, the self service checkout telling me to put my item in the bagging area, siri being about as useful as a furby was, (btw, furby must be the first to discover Ai on earth! how amazing it would be! etx, chiptune is about taking things that were not meant to make music and using them to make music 4 sum peeps

saberpulse’s gameboy that crashed at the babycakes 8-bit party. signed by saberpulse, henry homesweet, unicorn kid, casiokid, shirobon, girljoy & yours truly of course (like henry the 8th ill write my own history *evil grin*, ah :D
never for sale! it sounded so amazing as it was crashing glitch probs knocked out some sentinent beings concentration! zapped some chip inside and burnt out ]';!

he was kind enought to give it me afterwards, it was so funny, we were like WOW THAT WAS AMAZING even though it just killed like all the efforts and the actual hardware in the process, sabrepulse was just like proper sweating & looked really happy

this is henry homesweet (in the Babycakes LDN shirt) ;]
he sort of got me into 8-bit, so its amazing having him play at almost all of the Babycakes parties.

We have even made some custom gameboy covers!

& of course...

(a pic i was sent of a tee i made [:)

Oh yeah and the music is pretty sick too!


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