Shot with Eve again

"This fun and fashionable Babycakes 'Varsity Shoot' spread displays the youthful line's new pieces while remaining uber-fascinating and completely hot.

The stunning model manages to be sexy while keeping all of her clothes on, which is a rare quality amongst lines marketing to teens and young adults. Ultimately, the balloon-filled Babycakes 'Varsity Shoot' is sure to make you smile as big as you would on your birthday.

Implications - In a world saturated with advertising, an effective way a brand can attract attention to its products is through using marketing that features bright colors. By having marketing that immediately engages the viewer's vision, the company immediately establishes itself in the subconscious of a consumer as a brand that is unconventional and not afraid to take risks.

- review by trendhunter

Thanks to Eve Clancy of course, Tom Van Schelven, Sam Gardner, Emma Suddall, Greg Entwistle & anyone else I forgot

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