lately ive been super busy with the new babycakes store that is opening in a few months! its gonna actually be next level, i cant wait. go to the babycakes blog if you wanna keep updated www.OYMYO.com & subscribe to the mailing list :]

Next week i will be at birmingham clothes show with bbycks. Babycakes will be showcasin

i love it when the industry type people ask me for my business card at events. my business cards have no contact details on them.
i don't try to preach anything on my blog but i really do believe that if you wanna get anywhere you don't need help from people high up in the industry. they are old, out of fashion, they have no ideas, take over the industry yourself :D!
when i started, i thought i needed help, i had no cash, i asked companies for endorsements & help. none of them were interested. now that things are big, the same companies are coming to us to ask to work together. ha!

end of preach.
just get wasted all the time.

sum prez

up mag, The Netherlands

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