UK Tour!

the last week has been really fun :]

the parties in London, Birmingham & Manchester were amazing.
each night is just a big blur, all i remember is waking up on my bus each morning and doing it all again :D

its the lifeeee!!;]

heres some photos from the parties! -



We are also gonna be filming almost everything from now on, there's nothing else like BC in the world! and this needs documenting :D

we released some new stuff on www.OYMYO.com,
we sold out of the first batch of necklaces in the first few hours ]:
but they will all be back in stock soon!!

i went to visit carli & luke at the BC packing warehouse :]

ash from synthetic season came and got drunk at mine!

today was sample day for BBYCKS ;] excitinggggggggggggg!

much love!

ps - i went to see Up tonight in 3d! woooo! everyone go watch it!

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