its 5:15am and chad, my pet tortoise is fast asleep.

the BC parties are this weekend!


Check out this Reebok advert, the model is wearing BC!
its an international campaign so you will no doubt see it in magazines / billboards near you! send me photos, my mum collects em' :]!

Tom Van Schelven took the photo!

Lately I've been working on a new line for bbycks. The new line is completely cut and saw, the shape, stitch, fabric, length, width, weight, EVERYTHING is designed by me!. Its gonna be proper amazing, like next level amazing. I can't wait.

oh and!
new slightly secret thing!!! -

they will be builders and stuff there during the day, so the first person to find it and knock on the door then say "hi, paul griffiths told me to tell you that im gay and i love you." wins 5 free shirts!

i promise more interesting updates soon, im busy at the moment. getting drunk and that' x

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