American Takeover!

Im in Manchester at the moment!
I finally get to eat some proper food! The first thing I did when I got off the plane was buy a pack of prawn cocktail walkers CRISPS! ((not chips!)).
I love you America, but you got the food all wrong!

Im gonna try and post what happened on the last few days of our taking over America :]

If you wanna read more about my American adventurez, make sure to buy the next Front Magazine! Theres a big sexy article with amazing photos of me doing amazing stuff and some photo's / stories that I'm not allowed to post online :D

a few days before the end of the tour we had a few days off in North California, so we all took loads of boats out into this huge lake and got really drunk.
Me and Rob from skate for cancer played on Jet-skies all day, it was fun!

Me and Kevin Lyman (warped tour creatorrrr!)

i filled this hippopotamus up with cans of beer and chilled like this for the majority of the day. haha




before we went on the boat trip, we went to stock up on cakes at Walmart!

&I saw this girl wearing a Babycakes shirt!
I asked her if I could take a photo & she didnt know who I was so I guess she thought I was just a weirdo. haha

Its a weird feeling being out in the middle of no-where and seeing people repping BC!
Im used to seeing it everywhere in cities and stuff, but when bbycks pops up in random places around the world that I dont even know the name of its a good feeling :]

after the boat trip we went to plant some trees (im not kidding haha)-

it was for an enviroment thing that helps the water in & the local eco-system
you can watch a video of us doing some plantin' here - click click

after all this work i chilled in the hot tub with forever the sickest kidzz and later on kyle gave me a hot -rock (microwaved) massage. haha. it was good.

the day after that was my signing in Carson California, I guess everyone got the 2pm thing & when I turned up to the tent it was pretty insane, we had to have people on both sides of the counter and we still could only fit half the people in !-

spot me somewhere in there, scared for my life

after the last day, we gave away parts of the tent to babycakes kids!

we gave berley the 20 foot long picture of me, send me a photo of this giant thing in your bedroom! hahaha

and I gave hanna beth a mustache before giving her away :D

the girls that got the biggest banners somehow managed to get hold of the hacienda / babycakes / manchester t-shirt that is only on sale in a secret location in manchester (and only after providing a 12 digit code)!
pretty much no-one has managed to find these yet & are SUPER rare!

OHOHOHOH i wanna thank the set-up crew who woke up at 7am every morning to set up my ridiculous tent!

check out them gunz' ;]

these guys are legends and can probably pick up houses with one hand. :D

we partied with them every night!

thanks everyone who came, we sold out all of our shirts at 47 of the 48 dates.
a place called Boise hates me.

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