this is gonna be a big copy/paste post, too much has happened since I last posted.

we have been to Toronto & Montreal in Canada, then Washington DC then to New York & New Jersey & million places in-between!

heres some photos -

drinking Fanta in Cleveland Ohio!

upside down on a rollercoaster somewhere.

wasted outside the White House!

fat mike from nofx partied on the Babycakes bus in Montreal.

my friends from Racing Kites

new yorkzz


rob is still my friend, even after the macbook accident :P

babycakes in Oceanport!

eeep, i was 3 hours late for my 2pm signing in Ocean port.
I was in the hotel & got in a taxi outside the hotel & asked him to take me to Warped Tour, he thought I said something about horses & asked if it was a festival, i said yeah, so he took me to this horse festival around 873683 million miles away from warped. so I was prooooper late. haha
im proper sorry & all these people who waited are the best :D

they only waited coz my hair is amazing


i feel like i dont even design clothes anymore, i seem to just sign autographs all day. is there any other fashion designers in the world that experience this? its weird

i enjoyed Montreal, hardly anyone had a fucking clue who i was or what i do. haha

montreal skyline

last night, we went to McDonalds, stole a fire extinguisher then got a taxi to a random field in the middle of nowhere, sprayed the fire extinguisher everywhere & did the dance from thriller in the mist.


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