Texas, Again!

So today Im Back in Austin Texas, chilling in my hotel with Tim who is the editor of Alternative Press magazine!
We are watching "Locked up", its a documentary about gay relationships in prison... haha

Warped is amazing, everyday is proper insane, the bbycks tent has sold out everyday & was named the number 1 place to visit by Warped tour! crazy!

I still have about 40 dates to do! fuck yeah!

heres some photos -

Jess in a magazine I found in "reverse daycare", a tent for parents who cant handle the warped tour heat!
Houston was like a million times hotter than the sun

& my friend rebecca was a few pages after!

rebecca is the girl in this bbycks stop motion video!

bad religion!

me travis & dennis PROPER wasted. more than ever

theres also lots of amazing new stuff online at www.OYMYO.com :]

sup net, last night we launched some new stuff on www.OYMYO.com check it. its sickkkkkk

the Le Fabuleux shirt is getting launched later tonight, midnight UK time!

ive got tons of photos to post that ive taken over the last few days :]

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