Pop Up!

Last night I went to the Endless Bummer premier in Ventura! its such a good film. Kevin Lyman who started Warped tour 15 years ago directed it. Make sure you watch it!

after that we got wasted somewhere & hung out with travis & dennis on the scary kids scaring kids bus

OH SHIT YEAH, we found this massive slide too

just some spare change between my jeremy scott high tops, i don't own a wallet ;]

ive started putting any notes less than $20 in the trash, saving space ;]

right now im in Phenoix Arizona, its sooo hot, but its cool coz im getting driven around in this little golf cart!!
the place where we are staying is this amazing resort in the middle of the desert. theres no domino's pizza anywhere near us ]:

oh yeah, make sure you go to the Best of Manchester award ceremony thing, ive been nominated for the the fashion section & ill probably win coz im cool like that.
im also working on the gallery thing which is mentioned in the article below, thats gonna be rad too.

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