so today was warped in panomwhatever, its the first day of 48 dates across america

heres some picz of the BC tent & the insane line of people waiting for the limited edition BC shirt that went on sale at 2pm & sold 200 by 2:10pm -

i cant believe how many people lined up for hours to be the first to get the shirt, the weather is insanely hot too, i have the worst sunburn because i forgot to wear sun tan lotion today ]:

im getting quite pro at this autograph signing thing... other than that, i have no idea what is going on with my life. ha.

matt johnson 4eva repz

i wanted to take photos of the tent so you guys can see how epic it is, but it was jam-packed full of people all day & it was really hard to take any! tomorrow ill try and take some before the doors open!!

peace outzzzzz

tomorrow we are in San Francisco. yay. cya there!!

on sunday we shot the new Babycakes line in Manchester. Its amazing, alot of the new stuff is launching on Sunday night at midnight. (uk time) check online at www.OYMYO.com

so right now im on my bus in Panoma / Pomano or Panomo. i have no idea what this place is called.
its somewhere in California, near Los Angeles. its wayyyy hot

today is the day before Warped tour begins so we had a MASSSSSSIVE shipment dropped off at the first venue location in Panomo.

this is my bus that i will be living & traveling to basically every corner of america for the next 10 weeks...

balling, my bus is better than most of the bands buses on this tour. haha. fashion designers are the new rockstars.

after drinking some Mountain dew (?) i sunbathed for a while, i need a tan

im not posting photos of our full set up or our tent yet, ill do that after the first date. its epic. we pwned America first try.

peace out usa uk etc etc cya tomorrow!

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