Babycakes Bar!

On Sunday Babycakes were taking over the bar at Slamdunk festival in Leeds.
I got Frankmusik, Cobra Starship, Entershikari, Sapnarella & Sean Smith from the Blackout to play DJ sets & we had these amazing cocktails on sale at the bar, Plushiecakes, Kylecakes & Bucakes flavored cocktails...

We had to arrive super early & whilst the dudes were setting up my bar the rest of us got wasted on 20/20 in a car-park ;]

I think this was around 10am.

We did some stretches -

Then, because Joel was dressed like a cricketer that day, we played pretend cricket -

At 3pm the Babycakes bar opened & billions of people piggybacked towards the Babycakes stall -

By this point I think most of us were quite wasted. The 3 Babycakes cocktails were in the Babycakes colours, I wanted Luke to get a photo of the 3 together but I kept dropping one everytime I got 3, so I'd had something stupid like 30 cocktails all together!

I then spent a good few hours attempting to stand up for photos with fans. Im getting quite good at this. -

After this, I left the bar & went on a search for food.
I cant remember what I ate but it was amazing.

Then I met up with Vince (frankmusik) & we trekked back to the bar to get more wasted.

Some girls gave me a note saying they were gonna kidnap me. We loll'd for a lil' bit -

"we are gonna jump over your fence..." :s

So I sorta got freaked out & started drinking more.

Tommy Heart from Furthest Drive Home and his proper massive arms were protecting me -

I cant really remember what happened after this point so ill just guess from the photos that my photographer gave me
Then we went to watch Enter Shikari dj (i think) :s

then frankmusssssik

I danced around -

Got more wasted -

Then, the security who were working on the door had no idea who I was & decided to kick me out of my own bar for being to wasted.
"Whatzz thaa fuck dickheaadz, im Paul FucKING Griffiths, Google me!!" was my choice of words.

When I got back in, i joined a macarena and drank some more Babycakes cocktails

good times.


In other news -
Here is the official Warped tour shirt I designed for the Vans Warped tour.

Im pretty hyped to be working with Warped & me and lots of the staff at Babycakes are gonna be traveling across the States for all 48 dates.
Ive designed a HUGEEEE Babycakes booth that is gonna host events & have this shirt on sale from 2pm everyday.

FAO EMERICANZ - There's more information about Babycakes on Warped tour in this months AP magazine & the offiicial Warped tour mag."i couldn't wait for the summer & the warped tour"

zomg zomg zomg. we are fucking on this shit yeah yeah x

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