London Party!

This is what the inside of my head looks like.

Sup everyone!!!! this saturday was the best Babycakes party ever.
We rolled into london in the new Babycakes bus and completely took over Camden.

Right now we are sorting through the 5000 photos taken at the party and then we will upload them to the event photos section of the website!

(We will also be posting a video of our first episode of the Babycakes documentary this week!)

As always with Babycakes parties, everything went amazingly. Amazing bands and lots of people with amazing hair ;]

There was even a group of 7 men (all 50+ years old lolz) protesting against Babycakes!!? they had signs and everything! hahahahahah!

Anyway - these 7, badly dressed, smelly, hairy & really bad looking old men really got pwned by 700 Babycakes kids.
Ive never understood people that “hate” things just because of the success they get? I guess jealously really gets to some people :D?

Check out this video to see what happens when you annoy 700 kids who want to party.

Click here for video <3



We have just launched some shorts online!

I hardly articulate

Go to the Babycakes store in Manchester. We have lollys ;]

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