on saturday babycakes was doing this thing at this thing in london,

so i did an all nighter the night before and we all went down to london in my bus, got wasted on a park that we found
then arrived at the venue a few hours late :D

all i remember is watching kissy sellout play, signing lots of babycakes stuff for girls & eating pizza!

im happy that luke took these photos so i can see what a fun time i had :D

i got back from NY last week, bamboozle was really fun!

we flew my friend travis out from LA to help out at the babycakes booth

i met him in a club last september in LA, then again in irvine a few weeks ago & again at the babycakes sunglasses launch party!

Bamboozle was the first time we had chance to chat whilst we were both sober! haha!


check out his myspazzz - www.myspace.com/ilovetmills

im sure we will be partying on warped this summer!

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