BC Eyewear.

im sorry for the really rubbish updates lately, i hate posting updates that are just bullet points of events & stuff. im just really busy!!

Babycakes party LA was fucking amazing - watch this video!

did you enjoy the huge projections & tv's everywhere? :D

im back in the uk now. at last! back in my cosyyyyy apartment in Manchester!
we are all flying back out to the US for Bamboozle east in a few weeks, then im back in the UK for slamdunk festival, theres gonna be a "Babycakes Bar" at slamdunk. ha! perfect opportunity to get drunk!
we will have some DJ's playing aswell. ill post some more about it later on www.bbycks.com/blog & on myspace etc.

tonight im busy working on the layout & design of the 30x30 babycakes tent for Warped tour! its gonna be amazing! cakeworld!

Babycakes Sunglasses are out now! the bc warehouse is insanely busy, the first batch of 3000 sold out on launch day!

Ive always been a fan of Hanna Beth, it was great to take photos of her!

whilst i was in US, channel 4 recorded frankmusik live and lost at the Babycakes shop in Manchester (his single came out this week btw & is currently number 20 in the charts)

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