Los Angeles!

yay, im in los angeles again!

today i spent all day on melrose! <3 the marc jacobs storezzz x3!

im going to visit the american apparel factory in downtown LA tomorrow :]

ive spent the last 2 days searching for prawn cocktail crisps (chips?)
you dont even have them in the USA??
and you dont have babybells?

i hate your food!!
and i hate american tv too!! the adverts are so retarded.

all my friends fly out for the BC party soon though, so im gonna get them to bring me some food so i dont die or something. what the FUCK is a TACO?

& im reyt for waiting 3 hours to cross a road.
get some zebra crossings!!

The Babycakes eyewear launch party was amazing!

2500 people turned up!

our biggest party yet!

interview in front magazine

go buy it! available in all good newsagentzz

i wanna paint over banksy's rat. i might do this tonight.

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