almost sums up texas -

Right now im in Austin airport. sxsw was ace, ive put some videos on my youtube from sxsw festival!

thanks everyone who came to my panel!!

it was pretty wierd to be talking about branding alongside Coca Cola & Xbox reps!
also, i started giggling on stage when someone in the audience asked me a question about "disabled children".
worst moment of my life! ahhhh
Its not on purpose its like a nervous tick

my flight to LAX leaves in 2 hours. im going to los angeles for the massive sunglasses launch party & bamboozle festival
i keep getting hundreds of messages to my myspace about Bamboozle festival in Irvine, i WILL be at the Babycakes booth at both irvine dates & both dates in New Jersey!

sorry if i didnt reply to all your messages!!

soo much crazy stuff going on right now, keep checking the bc blog because im losing time to update on here

bc review in RWD magazine -

make sure you get it, the graph is amazing!
& go buy peaches geldofs magazine "disappear here"! im on the cover!! yay

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