the liabrary things with Frankmusik were fun, the "backstage" area was in the Crime section.
im sorry for not hanging out though, i just kinda passed out somewhere with a librarian. surreal soso.

i woke up with a Carol Voderman video in my bed and a book called "so you think you need therapy?" - ive read chapter's 1 & 2!!

& heres some behind the scenez photos from a BC shoot we did on wednesday at my apartment in manchester

the shoot was with the amazing rebecca pearson! i met her at clothes show live last year & she helped me attack old womens crotches with supersuper stickers!!
the photos & video from the shoot will be online soon!

love this!!
this is one of my bf'z, luke richards, he takes almost all the babycakes photos for our advertising campaigns -

hit him up!
he can take photos of you in-between his photoshoots for louis vuitton sunglasses. YES. louis fucking vuitton!

i have more to post about but im wayyyyy sleepy!
drop me a message if your at SXSW in austin Texas, im in a conference panel at the festival about brands (along side coca cola & xbox!!!)
i need someone to shot with before i sit in front of all the business men in their suits and shit :D


im too excited for the flow of new babycakes stuff that we have ready to bring out. its by far the best shit yet, we got this stuff dooooown big time right now.

i had a meeting with the staff at myspace this week, it went really well so theres gonna be a few surprises soon. & their offices are pimped out! the walls are all covered in vintage wall paper & they have a huge painting on a wall with "you looked better on myspace" scribbled in huge letters across the front! haha!

then we went to meet with adidas! they have the sicccccccckest office, theres limited edition shoes everywhere. i was sat right next to 100 limited edition adidas//bape trainers that are never going to be released! super super super super rare.
i had a quick shoot in some adidas stuff then left with 10 years supply of new shoes :D people keep giving me free things! ha. cheers!

then i went to see frankmusik at the 02 arena, it was sooooooo good!
but i lost my video camera at the after party, i had loads of good footage too! ]:

free bars are deadly. theres just a big blur and then i woke up back at the hotel, fully dressed. THEN. i went to get a shower and left my clothes on the bathroom floor. THEN. the shower leaked, soaking all my clothes!

i had to send matt to the nearest shop to buy me some new clothes to wear to a few meetings we had whilst we were still in london. he came back with an oxfam bag and a pair of giant jeans! i looked amazing, i had these huge jeans and 4 jackets i got from adidas the day before.
i had to use a shoelace to keep the jeans up!

im keeping it real ;]

this post is really too long, i cant be bothered reading it so im sorry for the terrible sentences :D

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