MTV sent us an email this week.
Apparently they have realized people dont care about spoilt 16 year olds & their birthday parties.

anyway, they want me to be in the new season of "living on the edge" i think its the real hollyoaks or something...
"an overly successful young entrepreneur drinks his own weight in vodka and STILL keeps his hair perfect"
THATS whats missing from tv.

ive got a meeting about babycakes records with a guy called seymour stein on wednesday. he's the vice president of warner bros. records and basically signed all the biggest names in the music industry (madonna, the smiths, the cure, depeche mode, the ramones, the talking heads). its pretty crazy shit.
i hope people are finally realizing that you dont need to wear a shirt and tie to be legit. i feel sorry for people who iron their suits in the morning. Babycakes has turned over more than a million since i started it and ive never worn a suit once!

theres another BC shoot in the morning, soo many photoshoots lately!

these are from a shoot last week with emmaaaaaaaaa

cute eh?

& check out these...

TV hits interview - http://www.tvhits.co.uk/star_interview_arc.php?id=226

New consumer - http://www.newconsumer.com/news/item/competition_launched_to_find_design_star_of_the_future/

manchester confidential - http://www.bodyconfidential.com/index.asp?Sessionx=IpqiNwy6IWAnIaqiNwF6IHqi&

oh yeah, The Secret Handshake is playing a gig at the babycakes store on sunday at 3pm.
lol. im not quite sure how its gonna work out :D
im sure it will be fun though :D

if i remember ill get a webcam installed in the shop so the whole world can watch the chaos!

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