4Eva the Siqest.

we hung out with forever the sickest kids last week - aaron got them super drunk :]

babycakes gave away the guestlist for their entire UK tour, i hope everyone had who i got on the guestlist had a good time!!

i got kicked out because i was apparently "underage drinking",i lost my pass so i couldnt get back in through the back door & the guestlist on the front was being looked after by a stupid bouncer who banned me last time. just for calling him fat! it wasnt even a lie, the guy was FAT

it took forever to sneak back in and then when i did, i had to spend the whole night looking out for security. lol

anyway, the guy who owns the academys has asked me if i can design a t-shirt that will be worn by all of the staff. im gonna design one that says "im a prick" for the bouncers to wear.

the first release for babycakes records is gonna be suuuuper sooooon!

we had a shoot with emma yesterday for the new TOOTTTY FRUITY shirts!

the first batch of 750 shirts sold out in less than 3 hours.

the photos were done by me & my bezzie4 lyfe luke (http://www.flickr.com/photos/lukerichards/)

lol@ photos through sunglasses :D

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