Some Photos.

ive been playing with the camera again :D

Kyle, Wasting stickers.

ben being cool ;]

i bought everyone scooters :D

3,000 viewers ftw ;]

kylecakes & GREGORAAAY sorting out TRILLIONZ of sexy orders!



im gonna be meeting Panic at the disco tomorrow and ill be at the show in Manchester.
ill get them to wear Babycakes with the silly outfits that they wear ;D

business is going crazy.
greg got a hair cut today.
BCthelabel is going well, you will all hear lots about that soon :D
kyle is amazingly hot ;]
Mummy and Daddy are splitting up
but ive got my mum a cute new house :D


I love taking photos...

This is where i work,
I employ all my best friends
and my mum.

our days are so weird and random. Our life really isnt like anyone elses in the world! we should be given a reality TV show.

its raining outside
i have a cold
i think my wisdom teeth are coming. yes im teething.

although all the things above suck, im currently eating cocopops.

I promiseee a BIG and SEXY post later this week!
I have photos and videos from mine and Jessicas trip to Paris to upload!!

and im off to London's /HongKong fashion show on Thursday.
I cant actually believe they sent me invites, they clearly didnt realise how drunk and messy we are gonna be :D

me and Kylecakes will be at all the gigs with a table and a van and some vodka :D
come over and hang out...
we proper know how to annoy the hilton hotel with after partys ;]

ALSO LOL, i hate reading internet stuff and usually try to stay away from the rumours and drama... but LOL really, how do rumors like this start?:D:D:D
"paul is such a loser, im sorry but he is,
he's made a fake myspace, claiming to go out with hannah montana, which you can clearly tell he had photoshopped the photo's
he's pathetic!
other than that he really does have pretty ace hair!"

ive never claimed to go out with hannah montana. im prettysure that shes the one photoshopping heads onto photographs :|
hannah if your reading this, sorry im not interested ]:
just in case you were wondering

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