A Day In The LIfe.

A day with Paul Griffiths!
Picture blog for Trend magazine and the future lab.

This Thursday starts at 10am with me and Gregory in the Babycakes office :]
Gregory is my personal assistant, he probably has the best job in the entire world.
And he has really nice hair.



We start the day with some FOOD ;]

I check the orders, freshly printed the night before by KYLECAKES himself!

me quickly checking emails and being really really good looking

Greg packs orders

and more orders

and more...

meanwhile, Henry does some stock check, answers emails. all the boring stuff.

greg does some stuff with the packs,

some new stock arrives!

i do some handstands and KEWL MOVEZ

then we take todays orders to the post office!

get some food on the way back..

play playplay

kylecakes comes to work

some balls.

kyle prints more labels, henry and greg pack them
joel lurks around in the corners of the room.

i make a million phonecalls.


Luke joins us, i think he's in a band. "The Killers" or something. dunno
We celebrate how amazing I am every lunch time.

i think this one was taken before lunch but i cant be bothered scrolling back up^^^

we get back, play with toys.

then i get some work done, on the most expensive laptop in the entire world and probably the best working enviroment ever..

greg being ginger, pretending to be brown. you dont fool anyone

then back to work, greg sets up the studio

Liam arrives.

a band arrives
and liam takes some photos

wasnt really a day
i think it was around 6 hours
anyweEAY, i had fun, i made lots and lots of money.
need a haircut though.

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