Office Upgrade.

kinda late!

so much has happened in the past few weeks!

firstly, the model party was amazing
after the party, Pinder took an FCUK model back to the hotel ;]

&i took FHM magazine's Miss Febuary out clubbbing!

i was gonna make a video of the night but we ended up leaving the camcorder in the hotel room :D
click here if you wanna see!

some pictures from the night...

yesterday, the Guardian newspaper did an article on me & babycakes.
and today the Daily Telegraph did one!
(one of the UK's biggest newspapers!!)
im gonna have to start leaving my house with a big hat or something...

for those who are interested this is part of the article!...
One, Paul Griffiths, 20, from Nelson in Lancashire, has created a new clothing brand, Babycakes, and in the past 10 months has sold over 15,000 £10 T-shirts and £38 jackets to his 65,000 online friends - he received 5,000 orders over Christmas alone. He works on a 50pc margin and now employs five friends to help in new offices in Nelson. So far he has generated a turnover of around £150,000.

Like many entrepreneurs, he did not prosper via the traditional academic route. He tried Nelson and Colne College, first studying graphics, then media, but it did not work out.

"Every time I went to college I did a different course but I kept dropping out," he said. Each stint lasted about a month and he then took a job in telesales.

But at the same time, he worked on his growing online presence, taking in MySpace and YouTube, where he began posting amateur videos of him and his friends "just messing about".

"The first thing was the MySpace page. In the first year I just talked to my friends and then I broadened out and the videos then brought in more," he said.

But the Babycakes Clothing business began almost by accident. He decided to buy 200 T-shirts on which he wanted to print his designs and distribute them to friends. "I was going to give a lot of them away to my friends and I wanted to wear designs that I wanted to wear. I wanted some really simple designs but they were not out there."

As an experiment he posted his design ideas on his MySpace page: "I put mocks up and I sold out immediately," he said. "Four months later, I was able to quit my job."

Last March, he had 20,000 friends. He now has 65,000, making him the 22nd most popular person on MySpace in the UK. His clothing store page, set up only in November, has been viewed over half a million times.

Mr Griffiths said of MySpace: "If you don't have a big budget to work with, it's a great way to be found. I did not pay for any adverts in the first few months." He now has Google ads for keyword searches on Babycakes Clothing.

This year he is planning to add a TV function so that customers in the virtual store can see what is happening in the company's Nelson office via a webcam and ask questions about the clothing that one of his friends, Henry, will answer. "It will be live, nine to five, every day," said Mr Griffiths.

The personal connection with customers is one of the advantages of social media sites over straight web pages. "Normally you don't know who you are buying things from. From Babycakes, people know who I am and who works for me," he said.

His top tip? "Keep everything updated," said Mr Griffiths. "Put things up that people are interested in, people the same age as you."

i cant be bothered typing anymore

im going to London on Friday, gonna be partying! then when we get back to the Hilton hotel ill go live on www.wreckam.com

i have a appointment with american apparel on saturday ;]

&&& sorry this is really long but i found these photos on my camera and i never put them on the internet!

lucy is in them but whatever.
it was a fun night!!

7:55am, me and henry were at the babycakesHQ all night, im going to go watch a movie in bed after ive wrote this!:Dx


went to see hellogoodbye a few days ago, i got to meet lots of cu people. it was fun!
we stayed at the Hilton. again.
it took about 4 seconds to destroy the room, then we went to get subways.
when we got back we called room service & asked them to send up 2 hookers! the guy was like "ill give you a call back Mr Griffiths.
we were only kidding, we didnt think the Hilton would actually get us hookers!
ten minutes later the girls arrived and we just told them to go away.lol

the next day (after checking out 5 hour late) i got all the stuff for my new photostudio! its the best equipped studio in the whole of North-West England.
and im not going to take the piss with charges for shoots and to rent it. pwned.
joel will be the resident photographer! he's cute so business is already booomzing

(and yes i have looked into it, the space that we have is bigger and we have better, more expensive and more variety in equipment than any other studio in the lancashire/northwest area!)

the website is in construction, its going to be advertised alot in local newspapers and photographers magazine, so look out for it!!

random picture moment

and whilst the BBYCKSKIDZ were sorting out our new HQ, i learnt how to uni-cycle!!

ill post more new pics when i have it all furnished and stuff!!

i broke my blackberry!
&&&i have to wait until next week for my replacement, im almost dieing!

love you LJ, thanks for reading!

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