I <3 Plants

Every year it gets to the middle of summer and i realise i didnt plant anything in the winter & its too late to plant them, so this year im going OTT on some urban gardening!

ive decided to try and use mostly recycled materials [: so bottles are perfect!

so far ive planted seeds for chillies, cauliflower, cabbage, strawberries & basil!

the cabbages started sprouting first! it was about 2 days under an indoor grow lamp!

the cauliflower sprouted next, and then a bit of basil!

one chilly plant has sprouted so im gonna send that one into overdrive under LED's :D ... maybe

and i havnt yet taken a photo but my strawberries are actually sprouting, its something like the 5th year ive tried to grow them and YESSSSS its happening ;'D

basically, my plants didnt have any drainage so im transplanting them into new containers, with a new design i found on youtube

this lil things! string and paper! they look like tadpols!

top part will be soil, then with a lil resovoir of water in the bottom

the tadpol THINGS will hopefully soak up the water & feed the plant ??

ill keep you updated!

cabbage gone crazy
- cauliflower too
- dunno what to do
- googled hydroponics
- trying diy
- lil dudes looking healthy
- doesnt yet have likeliness of what is desired
- super early
- under 16 hours white / blue
- put outside when sunny ??
- ~~~~ unce unce unce unce

transplanted califlower so far, dont know how much spacing they'll take up! hopefully all of it! will transplant more asap

lil chillers! PS chillies - 1 out of 12 sprouted ! its getting special treatment! strawberries have something happening too but sooooo tiny i dunno if its too cold for them here!? or too early? yow X

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